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Women Leaders With Inspiring Stories

Despite the changes and decades-long battles for women to have the power to define themselves and follow the paths of their choosing, there are still numerous challenges yet to be faced on the road to progress. From the gender divide to continuing social stigmas, and the lack of respect for the female body and contribution, it is no wonder that, across the globe, there are so few women in top-ranking positions in companies and businesses. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. 

In Women Leaders with Inspiring Stories, author Naghilia Desravines explores the strength, courage, and inspiration of ten contemporary women who are executives, CEOs, mentors, and leaders in today’s modern and competitive world. Each chapter looks into the personal stories, struggles, and successes of each woman, including how they got to where they are now; and what they are doing to inspire and empower other women to do the same.  

Featuring no less than 10 bestseller, award-winning and up-and-coming authors: Laura McNeill, Rhonda Kinard, Dr. Catherine Hayes, Trina Ramsey, Kirsten Blakemore, Leslie Thomas Flowers, Rose Jones, Divya Parekh, Tracie L. James and Maggie Georgopoulos. 

In this book you’ll hear from Trina Ramsey, she is the kind of person that will make you want to be more—more than you are right now and more than you think you can be. She is an executive, career and life strategist, motivational speaker and writer, and the founder of the Just Do You Institute. A platform for women empowerment, which is a theme very close to our heart. Her institute helps women in their 40s, 50s and even 60s get the support they need to launch their careers. Trina leads the way by her remarkable personal journey as she transformed her life and started her coaching business in 2009. Additionally, she has kept a personal journal since she was a teenager and recently decided to pen down her perspectives about life. She went on to compile her thoughts into a book and is currently the celebrated author of Just Do You! A Declaration of Independence from Guilt, Obligation and Shame 

Next power woman inside the book is Kirsten Blakemore. Her credentials are long—she is an MA, CPCC, ACC, CHC and Senior Consulting Partner at Partners in Leadership, and a Forbes Coaches Council member. If that is not impressive enough, she is also a prolific author, speaker, and executive mentor with many years of experience as a woman leader in the field of sales and marketing. A superheroine who has made helping other women her life goal, Kirsten regularly publishes articles and blog posts on how women can work through power struggles and the gender divide and emerge successfully. She holds an undergraduate business degree and a master’s degree in Psychology—a winning combination that she uses to help other executives push ahead in their careers. 

If you are struggling to achieve a goal, Rhonda Kinard is the person to seek out. She is the CEO of A Life Ignited, LLC, an organization that helps people and teams to ignite their inner fire and achieve their personal and professional goals. Even professionals and top executives sometimes feel they are in a rut and their careers are not moving forward. This is where Rhonda excels, as she is skilled in motivating people and teams and propelling them towards their aims; her motto is that consistent action can lead to sustained success. Her passion, drive, and unapologetic self-confidence are truly inspiring. Rhonda is also a motivational speaker and the author of A Life Ignited – Ignite Your Inner Fuse, where she shared her personal successes and setbacks to use them as an inspiration for others on how to tackle adversity and emerge with shining colors. 

Maggie Georgopoulos is a go-getter—she knows what she wants and more importantly, how to get it. She is a globally acknowledged authority for women on navigating male-dominated workspaces and expertly juggles many roles as an author, consultant, speaker, and trainer. She has written the bestseller book Up the Ladder in a Skirt, which shows women how to take the reins of their career in their hands. Maggie comes across as a highly motivated and driven person who, in her own words, is always looking for her next adventure. Her insight about her personality helps her sustain a career that is fulling and suits her personality type. This is the message she likes to convey as a career consultant and trainer as she encourages executives to identify their personality type and choose career paths that nurture their specific preferences. Maggie is also a champion for mental health and its role in the workplace, having authored the book Mental Health is NOT a Dirty Word, which talks about how to change misconceptions surrounding mental health in the workplace. Maggie is a woman leader, but that is not enough for her. She is an advocate for women leadership, and her efforts have helped more than 10,000 women in over 32 countries ascend the ladder of success. 

I have often seen women in my line of work suffering from a lack of assertiveness. The existing pay gap gets wider each time a woman does not speak up for what her job is worth. Sometimes women get molded into becoming people-pleasers without appreciating the value of their position in an organization. That is why Leslie Thomas Flowers is changing the game for women who need that extra push to stand up for themselves. She is a trailblazer for women in business—she helps women take charge of their career and balance it success- fully with their personal life. Talking to Leslie made me feel that women can have it all! Her Mastermind program shows women practical ways by which they can pursue their dreams and turn it into a lucrative business. She also is the bestselling author of the highly motivational books Kettle-Dreams: Mastermind Guide to ink and Grow Rich and Own your Purpose and Realize your Potential. Leslie is the wind beneath the wings of many women entrepreneurs, and they now soar higher than they ever thought they could. 

Does zero mean the absence of something essential? The author thought so too before she met Tracie L. James; she redefined the meaning of zero for her. Tracie says that she is on a Mission to Zero—zero excuses and more results! Tracie believes in the simple principle of making individuals and teams excuse-proof, instead of excuse-laden. It is possible to create a high-performing team when people are accountable, which directly translates to more profits and productivity. Talking to Tracie made it clear to her that the vision of one person can lead to a significant transformation for countless others struggling for direction. Tracie is a leadership strategist with over 20 years of diverse experience in leadership development, managing accounts, sales, and political campaign planning. She is a multi-talented power woman and seamlessly shifts between the roles of author, speaker, writer, and consultant. Her recently released book is titled Excuse Proof Leadership, which is also the theme of the Masterclass courses she runs for leadership development. Tracie calls herself an Agent Zero and that means the presence of everything needed to succeed. 

A seed grows into a plant all on its own. However, what if someone nurtures it? The seed will most likely take the form of a nourishing tree and spreads its roots everywhere. An entrepreneur develops a business independently, but his or her growth may not progress adequately without a mentor to propel it further than originally conceived. Divya Parekh has been in the business of helping business take that leap to success with her unique strategies for many years now. Her USP is her emphasis on how leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs can build relationships and connections with people using a 9-step science-based growth process developed by her. She believes in people and their inherent potential for success. Her motivational, coaching, and leadership talks can be all that is needed for an individual or an organization to realize their vision and reach the next stage of achievement. 

Women leaders need to fortify themselves to face a work environment that does very little to nurture self-confidence. It is possible to look for motivation to push past obstacles from colleagues, bosses, and others; however, why put your emotional well-being into another person’s hands? Rose Jones is a certified Life and Accountability coach who shows women that the key to self-development is looking within, not without. She uses the powerful tool of reflection to help women empower themselves by reflection on how their thought process works and, more importantly, how to modify it for life enhancement. Rose feels that it is essential to look into the mirror and confront your past mistakes, overcome fears and dig deep within to explore your potential. Rose also addresses social issues such as domestic violence. She works extensively with single mothers and young women who often need a nudge to take charge of their life. She is a believer in self-sufficiency and is currently running her coaching business called Let Rose Speak while conducting online training, workshops and motivational lectures. 

Laura McNeill is an adjunct professor at Samford University’s Design and Technology graduate program, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alabama’s College of Edu- cation, Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology, and instructional designer for Regions Bank in Birmingham. I certainly did not expect someone so qualified and proficient to describe herself on her website simply as a mother, daughter, friend, thinker, and lover of all things pink. at is Laura McNeill for you—a down-to-Earth person who multitasks effortlessly and succeeds at every role she plays! She is not just a top gear researcher and educator but also the bestselling author of many bestselling works of action under her name and a pen name Lauren Clark. She is a role model for young students who are learning the ropes about diversity, equity, leadership, and technology that gives them the tools needed to become formidable leaders of tomorrow. I found her well-balanced and creative persona the most impressive trait that shows people around her that it is possible to achieve fulfillment through diverse career paths. 

Enneagram is an ancient tool for identifying a person’s personality type. Even though it has been around for centuries, most people do not realize how the Enneagram can be a powerful personal transformative tool. Dr. Catherine Hayes, a certified Executive Coach teacher, alongside the International Enneagram Association, has helped people give their life a do-over. It’s time to change your life, she says. Catherine is a highly qualified influencer in the arena of leadership, having occupied several leadership roles in local, national, and international organizations. A natural motivator and speaker, she is immensely passionate about Enneagram coaching, which she conducts privately and within organizations as well. She has chronicled her inspiring life journey in the bestselling book Everything is Going to Be Okay! From the Projects to Harvard to Freedom, which shows how it is possible to rise from despair to the pinnacle of success. 

To become an icon for women empowerment through leadership is a daunting task, indeed, but not an impossible one. History is replete with examples of women powering through adversity and emerging at the top.  

Michelle Obama once urged women to Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody says distract you from your goals. Talking, sharing and reading these inspiring stories will help women do just that. Through this book, Naghilia hope you derive the joy and delight that she received through each session with these amazing women in equal measure. Each chapter will pave the way for women taking baby steps into the big bad world and give them the confidence and encouragement to achieve their career and life goals. 

If you are looking for a thoughtful birthday gift for a special friend that will open new horizons when it comes to women’s leadership or like to enjoy an empowering yet light reading on the daily struggles of the modern woman. Naghilia Desravines’ anthology is the ideal choice! You can buy the book online via WomELLE website or any other online retailer bookstore. 

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